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  1. Anna Semlyen

    Anna Semlyen

    Anna Semlyen an award winning road safety campaigner, traffic reduction author and City of York Councillor. She is the National Campaign Manager of 20's Plenty for Us.

  2. Carol Sherrard

    Carol Sherrard

    Carol Sherrard is the coordinator of the Yorkshire group of the Sea of Faith network.

  3. Matthew Simpson

    Matthew Simpson

    Matthew Simpson is a counsellor and psychotherapist, as well as a Humanist Celebrant, officiating over non-religious weddings, funerals and naming ceremonies.

  4. Gabriele Stakaityte

    Gabriele Stakaityte

    Gabriele Stakaityte is a PhD student at the University of Leeds, working on tumour viruses.

  5. Tim Stephenson

    Tim Stephenson

    Tim Stephenson is treasurer of the North Yorkshire Humanist Group and secretary of the Hull and East Riding Humanist Group.

  6. Dr Gijsbert Stoet

    Dr Gijsbert Stoet

    Dr Gijsbert Stoet is a psychologist and chair of the Ethics Committee at the University of Leeds Institute of Psychological Sciences.

  7. John Sweeney

    John Sweeney

    John Sweeney is an investigative journalist for BBC Panorama. He is best known for his reports on the Church of Scientology, and more recently on North Korea.