The Singularity is Near?

Chris Worfolk

Chris Worfolk

Recorded on 17 October, 2011.

Published on 24 February, 2012.

Duration 48:15.

In 1999 Ray Kurzweil published "The Singularity is Near" claiming that in 2045 artificial intelligence would surpass human intelligence and our society would enter into a period of exponential technological growth, changing the human race beyond all recognition.

This would be easy to dismiss as science fiction, but Kurzweil holds 17 doctorates and was described Bill Gates as "the best man I know for predicting the future of artificial intelligence."

The talk covers an introduction to the technological singularity and transhumanism, a look at Kurzweil and his predictions on the singularity, alternative theories and critics of the ideas.

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About the speaker

Chris Worfolk is a computer scientist and humanist. He founded Leeds Atheist Society and Leeds Skeptics and co-founded the Humanist Action Group, AHS, Humanist Community and sits on the committee of the Humanist Society of West Yorkshire.

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