1. Social Networking

    Social Networking

    Simon Duncan presents and introduction to social networking and how it applies to non-profit organisations.

  2. The Singularity is Near?

    The Singularity is Near?

    In 1999 Ray Kurzweil published "The Singularity is Near" claiming that in 2045 artificial intelligence would surpass human intelligence and our society would enter into a period of exponential technological growth, changing the human race beyond all recognition.

  3. Web Technologies for Societies

    Web Technologies for Societies

    Michael Burgess presents an introduction to the various web technologies that can help societies and groups organise, coordinate and manage their activities.

  4. Transhumanism & The Singularity

    Transhumanism & The Singularity

    Chris Worfolk discusses the two different but very much related topics of Transhumanism and the technological singularity, commenting on the cult like figures which seem to dominate both fields and whether the ideas behind them are valid.