1. 20's Plenty for Us

    20's Plenty for Us

    Total 20mph limits are sweeping the nation with 12.3m people now living in places committed to 20mph for over 90% of roads. This includes York, Manchester, Lancashire and 25% of London Boroughs. Anna Semlyen, National Campaign Manager of 20's Plenty for Us (with 207 branches) will counter the common 20mph myths.

  2. The Sex Myth

    The Sex Myth

    Is there any truth to the epidemic of sex addiction? Are our children really getting sexualised younger? Are men the only ones who like porn? Brooke Magnanti looks at all these questions and more - and proves that perhaps we've all been taking the answers for granted.

  3. The Geek Manifesto

    The Geek Manifesto

    There are 650 MPs in the House of Commons. 158 have a background in business, 90 have been political advisers or organisers, and 86 are lawyers. Only one of them is a scientist. Is it any wonder that politics so often lets science down, and fails to exploit its skeptical methods to design policies that are fit for purpose?

  4. The New Visibility of Atheism in Europe

    The New Visibility of Atheism in Europe

    Dr Stuart McAnulla (University of Leeds, POLIS) delivers a talk about the political aspects of the 'New Atheist' movement.

  5. Campaigning for a Secular World

    Campaigning for a Secular World

    In this talk, Pavan reviews the position as to secularism and religion in Britain today, and then discusses some current campaigns the British Humanist Association are working on.

  6. Arms Regulation

    Arms Regulation

    Dr Neil Cooper from the University of Bradford discusses arms regulation.

  7. Faith Schools - Why It Matters

    Faith Schools - Why It Matters

    Dan Bye talks about faith schools and why we should be concerned about their current growth.

  8. Paying for Sex

    Paying for Sex

    Dr Natalie Hammond discusses her research on the topic of men who pay for sex and the laws surrounding prostitution in the United Kingdom.

  9. Creationism


    Evolution is a topic which is accepted by not only the scientific community worldwide, but now pretty much everybody - including the Church of England and the Vatican!

  10. One Law for All

    One Law for All

    Human rights activist Maryam Namazie, discusses the One Law for All campaign which she heads up, which campaigns to maintain a single secular legal system, free from the influence of Sharia law.

  11. Creationism


    In this talk, delivered to Leeds Skeptics in the Pub, Mark Edon discusses how creationists in the UK have been trying to infiltrate our school system in order to push their religious ideology.