20's Plenty for Us

Anna Semlyen

Anna Semlyen

Recorded on 23 January, 2014.

Published on 16 May, 2014.

Duration 56:47.

Total 20mph limits are sweeping the nation with 12.3m people now living in places committed to 20mph for over 90% of roads. This includes York, Manchester, Lancashire and 25% of London Boroughs. Anna Semlyen, National Campaign Manager of 20's Plenty for Us (with 207 branches) will counter the common 20mph myths.

She presents evidence from UK and European experience on how effective and popular 20mph limits are at improving public health and saving society money from road casualties and inactive lifestyles. She will also show examples of pitfalls in implementation and how to campaign.

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About the speaker

Anna Semlyen an award winning road safety campaigner, traffic reduction author and City of York Councillor. She is the National Campaign Manager of 20's Plenty for Us.

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