1. The Frontiers of Chemistry

    The Frontiers of Chemistry

    James Murray presents a talk on where the latest research innovations in chemistry may be leading us.

  2. Synthetic Biology - A Brave New World?

    Synthetic Biology - A Brave New World?

    Imagine a world in which we could make fuels or pharmaceuticals in the same way we ferment malt to make beer. A world in which materials as strong as steel are made without industrial waste, or artificial viruses can be used to administer anti-cancer drugs without the usual side-effects of chemotherapy. Synthetic biology promises new technologies that could change our lives through the design and construction of new biological parts and devices, and the redesign of existing, natural biological organisms for new purposes.

  3. Origins of Life on Earth

    Origins of Life on Earth

    Dr Terrence Kee discusses the possibility that life could have first traveled to Earth on an asteroid.