Related to Cutting Religion out of Medicine

  1. What the BHA does for you

    What the BHA does for you

    Sara discusses the shared human values that are the bedrock of Humanism and the development of the BHA as an internationally respected organisation that puts Humanism at the heart of everything it does.

  2. Homeopathy is Hokum

    Homeopathy is Hokum

    Chris Worfolk presents an introduction to the field of homeopathy, an alternative medicine that claims to offer miraculous healing properties, but is unable to demonstrate them under double blind clinic trials.

  3. The Geek Manifesto

    The Geek Manifesto

    There are 650 MPs in the House of Commons. 158 have a background in business, 90 have been political advisers or organisers, and 86 are lawyers. Only one of them is a scientist. Is it any wonder that politics so often lets science down, and fails to exploit its skeptical methods to design policies that are fit for purpose?

  4. Mental Health

    Mental Health

    Chris Worfolk presents a short summary of how mental health is an area that touches all our lives, and why we need to premote a more open dialogue in society about it.

  5. Bad Science in the Developing World

    Bad Science in the Developing World

    Martin Robbins, of the Guardian's Lay Science blog, reports on dangerous pseudo-medical practices outside the Western world, from homeopaths in East Africa to flat earthers and anti-vaccine campaigns in Nigeria.

  6. Scientific Standards: Does Religion Measure Up?

    Scientific Standards: Does Religion Measure Up?

    In memory of Gerry Hannant, who sadly passed away in 2010, we present the only known recording of one of his lectures, recorded in 2007 at Leeds Atheist Society.

  7. Neuroscience for the Soul

    Neuroscience for the Soul

    Dr. Craig Aaen-Stockdale (Optometry, Bradford) will give an introduction to the field of neurotheology, which attempts to relate religious behaviour and experience to the workings of the brain. He will review the current literature and give his own thoughts on what, if anything, this tells us.

  8. Personalised Medicine

    Personalised Medicine

    In 2001 President Bill Clinton stood on the front lawn of the White House flanked by Francis Collins and Craig Venter. That day he announced the completion of the draft human genome, the first ever map of human genetic variation. At the time grandiose pronouncements were made about the coming genomic revolution concerning new cures for diseases and the eradication of cancer. Ten years on many have failed to be impressed by the impact of this scientific milestone, including equal sensationalising from the British media on this decade anniversary.

  9. One Law for All

    One Law for All

    Human rights activist Maryam Namazie, discusses the One Law for All campaign which she heads up, which campaigns to maintain a single secular legal system, free from the influence of Sharia law.

  10. Prescribing Religion: What's the Harm?

    Prescribing Religion: What's the Harm?

    Recorded as part of the Enquiry 2010 Conference, Dr Antony Lempert discusses the problems that arise when religious tradition comes into conflict with modern medicine.