A History of Atheist Charity

Chris Worfolk

Chris Worfolk

Recorded on 22 February, 2011.

Published on 10 August, 2011.

Duration 45:11.

People have often claimed that religious people are more generous when it comes to giving to charity. The stats don't hold up though - Sweden give the biggest percentage of their GDP to charity in the world; they're also one of the most irreligious nations.

In this talk, Chris Worfolk discusses how the atheist movement already has a long and proud history of charitable organisations and activities, most notably with the rise of the ethical societies in the nineteenth century, up to present day organisations.

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About the speaker

Chris Worfolk is a computer scientist and humanist. He founded Leeds Atheist Society and Leeds Skeptics and co-founded the Humanist Action Group, AHS, Humanist Community and sits on the committee of the Humanist Society of West Yorkshire.

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