1. Disproving God With Philosophy

    Disproving God With Philosophy

    Heini Reinert looks as some of the philosophical arguments against god.

  2. Death; a Not So Glum Look

    Death; a Not So Glum Look

    Humanist Celebrant Matthew Simpson takes a more positive look at death and compares the differences between how Humanists and believers might view the prospect.

  3. Nothing


    Why should nothing matter? If anything matters, why should nothing matter? And yet it does, for there isn't anything, it seems, that nothing does not touch, or anything that does not touch nothing. History, philosophy, religion, science, art, literature, music - all look towards nothing at some point, stimulating questions that would otherwise not be asked.

  4. The Nature of the Debate

    The Nature of the Debate

    Professor A. C. Grayling discusses the nature of the debate surrounding the related, but separate areas of atheism, humanism and secularism.

  5. Thinking About Ethics

    Thinking About Ethics

    As part of Reason Week 2011, Leeds Atheist Society invited Andrew Copson to take part in a debate against a speaker from the Islamic Society. Unfortunately, ISoc pulled out at the last minute, leaving Andrew as the sole speaker. Never the less, in less than a day, Andrew managed to put together this fantastic talk on thinking about ethics.