Preston, UK

  1. Learning From Monks

    Learning From Monks

    Julian has spent several days visiting and staying at monastries researching a forthcoming article for the Financial Times magazine. He and his partner were asking the question. does monastic life contain any lessons from the secular world? In this talk, he discusses his conclusions.

  2. How Do People Lose Religion?

    How Do People Lose Religion?

    Millions of people have lost religion in the western world since the 1960. How does this happen? At what ages? What are the triggers? Is there a difference between men and women? Professor Callum Brown draws on the accounts of those he has interviewed in North America and Britain.

  3. Humanism for a Better World

    Humanism for a Better World

    Should we be working together, as humanists, for a better world? Richard addresses the potential problems and poses some questions.