1. A History of Tarot

    A History of Tarot

    This talk was given at Leeds Skeptics under the title "Confessions of a Tarot Reader".

  2. Origins of Islam

    Origins of Islam

    The talk is about the mythical origins of Islam. Most people know that much of the origins of Christianity and Judaism is mythological, but it is not so widely known that Islam's origins are similarly mythical. This is not least because Muslims insist Islam is rooted in factual history and get 'touchy' if this, or any aspect of Islam, is questioned.

  3. Perspective: Zoroastrianism

    Perspective: Zoroastrianism

    As part of the 2011 Leeds Perspective Citywide course, Malcolm Deboo presents an introduction to what is generally regarded as the world's oldest monotheistic religion - Zoroastrianism.