You Know Less Than You Think

Paul Hopwood

Paul Hopwood

Recorded on 18 August, 2012.

Published on 14 September, 2012.

Duration 1:02:26.

Every day we all make perceptions of people and the world around us. But perception is a two-way process and most people don't stop to think about the biases inherent in their own perception. What are these cognitive biases and how much can they affect our judgement?

In this talk Paul Hopwood is going to look at some of these biases and provide examples from his studies in Cognitive Psychology to (hopefully!) show just how much they are capable of distorting our view of reality; as well as providing a few suggestions as to how we can limit their effects.

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About the speaker

Paul Hopwood is a a skeptic and a keen amateur chess player. He gained his Psychology Degree from Leeds and his Master of Research Degree in Psychology at York; for which he studied the long- and short-term memories of his fellow chess players.

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