Widening the View: Looking at the limits of Human Perception

Paul Hopwood

Paul Hopwood

Recorded on 19 March, 2014.

Published on 13 June, 2014.

Duration 51:36.

After the success of his SiTP talk, the award-winning "You know less than you think", Paul Hopwood is back for the sequel! Based around his Cognitive Psychology studies, the first talk focussed on the different stages of information processing in the human brain. By looking at research into the brain's ability to acquire, store, retrieve and use information; the talk highlighted that humans have a tendency to severely overestimate their ability to perform these tasks.

This second talk moves away from how good we believe our cognitive toolkit is: and instead looks at how well we think we use it. Through looking at various examples of human perception; the audience will be encouraged to think about such matters as 'Is Common Sense that common and does it make that much sense?', 'Does looking backwards help us to look forwards?', 'How much attention should we pay to randomness?' and 'Are you an idiot or a genius?'

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About the speaker

Paul Hopwood is a a skeptic and a keen amateur chess player. He gained his Psychology Degree from Leeds and his Master of Research Degree in Psychology at York; for which he studied the long- and short-term memories of his fellow chess players.

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