Related to Talking to Creationists

  1. Disproving God With Philosophy

    Disproving God With Philosophy

    Heini Reinert looks as some of the philosophical arguments against god.

  2. Introduction to Public Speaking

    Introduction to Public Speaking

    Michael Burgess presents an introduction to public speaking, with a specific focus on staging, chairing and speaking in debates.

  3. The Atheist Responses

    The Atheist Responses

    Chris Worfolk regularly discusses some of the most common arguments that come up when discussing religion and what the arguments and counter-arguments to these are. These can be seen in the "Debating the Theists" talk which can also be found in the collection.

  4. Inside the Evangelists' Lair

    Inside the Evangelists' Lair

    In 2006, Chris Worfolk founded Leeds Atheist Society while studying at the University of Leeds. During his time running the society, he had a great deal of interaction with the other faith societies on campus.

  5. Creationism


    Evolution is a topic which is accepted by not only the scientific community worldwide, but now pretty much everybody - including the Church of England and the Vatican!

  6. Origins of Life on Earth

    Origins of Life on Earth

    Dr Terrence Kee discusses the possibility that life could have first traveled to Earth on an asteroid.

  7. Creationism


    In this talk, delivered to Leeds Skeptics in the Pub, Mark Edon discusses how creationists in the UK have been trying to infiltrate our school system in order to push their religious ideology.

  8. Intelligent Design

    Intelligent Design

    Heini Reinert discusses the abject failure of the Intelligent Design movement to put forward a coherent theory that could be considered science.