Related to Introduction to Public Speaking

  1. Talking to Creationists

    Talking to Creationists

    Mark Edon discusses how the tslk to people who believe that the world is only 6,000 years old, in the face of insumoutable evidence.

  2. Slutwalk Leeds

    Slutwalk Leeds

    Lucy discusses her experiences as one of the co-organisers of the Leeds Slutwalk. The Slutwalk movement began in Toronto, Canada when a police officer suggested that a a victim of rape may be partly responsible for the attack, because of the way she was dressed. As a result a worldwide protest movement has sprung up with people taking to the streets in organised events.

  3. Leeds Salon

    Leeds Salon

    Paul Thomas is co-founder of Leeds Salon, a public debate group based in Leeds. In this talk, he discusses how he started the group and shares his experience and advice on starting such an organisation.