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  1. Superstition - The Odd Delusion

    Superstition - The Odd Delusion

    Where does superstition come from? Who are the most superstitious people in the world? Can scientists be superstitious? What about atheists? What's God got to do with it? Does it matter? Just some of the questions we'll explore, touch wood.

  2. The Geek Manifesto

    The Geek Manifesto

    There are 650 MPs in the House of Commons. 158 have a background in business, 90 have been political advisers or organisers, and 86 are lawyers. Only one of them is a scientist. Is it any wonder that politics so often lets science down, and fails to exploit its skeptical methods to design policies that are fit for purpose?

  3. Personalised Medicine

    Personalised Medicine

    In 2001 President Bill Clinton stood on the front lawn of the White House flanked by Francis Collins and Craig Venter. That day he announced the completion of the draft human genome, the first ever map of human genetic variation. At the time grandiose pronouncements were made about the coming genomic revolution concerning new cures for diseases and the eradication of cancer. Ten years on many have failed to be impressed by the impact of this scientific milestone, including equal sensationalising from the British media on this decade anniversary.

  4. Cutting Religion out of Medicine

    Cutting Religion out of Medicine

    Recorded as part of Leeds Reason Week 2011, Dr Antony Lempert, coordinator of the Secular Medical Forum, discusses the problems encountered when religious beliefs come into conflict with modern medicine.

  5. Prescribing Religion: What's the Harm?

    Prescribing Religion: What's the Harm?

    Recorded as part of the Enquiry 2010 Conference, Dr Antony Lempert discusses the problems that arise when religious tradition comes into conflict with modern medicine.